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A lot of our first-time customers often carry concerns about where they are sending or receiving their money from, and rightly so. The thought of sending your hard earned cash to someone you don’t know, either by post or money transfer, can often be a daunting one. But as the overwhelmingly positive response, we receive from our customers will tell you, our service really is the best way for you to safely secure the best rate for your holiday money.

Here at COG, we make it an absolute priority of ours to ensure everyone’s money arrives securely, safely and on time. Whether you are using our ‘Buy Back By Post’ service, or our ‘Home Delivery’ service, you can be sure the time is taken for each order to be handled correctly.

All of our customers are kept up to date, by email, as soon we receive any payment or delivery and are notified when they can expect their money back in return. Currency is sent out on time using The Royal Mail’s Special Delivery service, which fully insures and tracks each order until they’re delivered and signed for the next day.

But don’t just take our word for it. We are listed on the top comparison websites such as travelmoneymax.com; compareholidaymoney.com and money.co.uk. Our overwhelming majority of 5-star ratings and positive responses from our customers shows that we are a company that can be trusted to provide the best currency service out there.

We are a team of dedicated, experienced professionals that make it our absolute priority to ensure everyone’s money is delivered securely and on time. Whether you are using our unbeatable Buy Back service or Home Delivery, you can be sure that with COG your money is safe.

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Currency Online Group is an expert in the foreign exchange industry 20

Currency Online Group is an expert in the foreign exchange industry. Our team of Forex specialists strive to ensure that client’s best interests are at the heart of everything we do. At Currency Online Group we assist every single one of our valued clients with all of their international requirements. Having partnered with some of the most reputable brands in the foreign exchange industry we are well positioned to provide excellent foreign exchange services for any customer that require services such as:

International money transfers, Prepaid currency cards, deliverable foreign exchange payments, foreign exchange payments, foreign exchange transfers, international bank transfers, foreign exchange collection at the branch, foreign exchange delivery to the office, currency transfers with no fees.

January has proven to be a solid month so far for the Pound as Theresa May stands fairly firm on a hard brexit. The pound has made some improvements as it retraces against the euro and US Dollar.

Currency Online Group can offer expert foreign exchange analysis on any currency pairing including:


As reported in the news recently China is really starting to work hard to support its currency. It has now sold US government bonds for six months straight. They want to mitigate the downside pressure on the local currency RMB. There are huge concerns that unless the RMB is stable there will be a self-perpetuating acceleration of outflows.

Currency Online Group can provide you with excellent foreign exchange rates. We specialise in foreign exchange transfers for Chinese holidaymakers in the UK and also Chinese expats that are now living in the UK. We regularly feature at the top of comparison websites such as compareholidaymoney.com and are continuously working towards providing the best possible service for all foreign currency needs.

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