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How Do I Pay By Bank Transfer?

Select the 'Bank Transfer' payment option when placing the order. After you have placed the order, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will have our bank details on. Simply make a payment into the account shown. 

Once we receive the payment - usually within an hour - we will send you another confirmation email, confirming the payment and date of delivery. 

Can I Pay By Debit Card?

Yes, you can. Select the 'Debit Card' payment option when you place the order, and follow the instructions. Be aware, this is only an option for orders worth more than £1'500. 

Is It Safe To Send Currency In The Post?

Yes. We use Royal Mail Special Delivery to send each package out. They are able to insure currency and cover each package in case of loss or damage up to £2'500 worth. There is nothing on the package to suggest what is inside, and needs to be signed for at the other end. It is just as safe, if not safer, as ordering anything else online.

Will I Receive A Royal Mail Tracking Number For My Delivery?

You won't get a tracking number in the confirmation email. We can get them from our dispatch team the next day. Hopefully though, by then, your currency will already be with you!

Can I get My Order Delivered To An Address Other Than My Home?

Yes. We provide the 'OFFICE DELIVERY' option on our homepage. Select this before you place the order, and you will be able to input an address which you'd prefer your currency to be sent to.

Can I Collect My Currency From A Branch?

Yes, but only if you are based in London. At the moment we have four collection points based within London. Simply select the 'Branch Collection' option on the homepage, choose where you want to collect them from and place the order.

Are There Any Extra Fees Or Hidden Costs?

The only extra cost that may be incurred is for postage. For any orders over £750, there are no extra costs whatsoever. For orders between £300-£750, there is a £5 post and packaging fee, which will show in the order and confirmation email. For orders below £300, there is a £10 post and packaging fee, which again will show in the order and the confirmation email.

Can I Order An Amount Over £2'500?

Yes, absolutely. We can send out any amount up to £7'500 per customer per day. The Royal Mail won't go over this amount though for insurance reasons. We would also need to split the order into multiple packages depending on the total amounts.

Can I Request What Notes My Currency Comes In?

For each order, we try to always give a mixture of notes. Because of the speed of the whole process between the order, the payment, the packing, and the dispatching, it is not logically possible for us to offer the option of note selection for each customer. For particularly large amounts (over £4'000), we can try to arrange large notes upon request. Email the support@currencyonlinegroup.com and quote the order number to do so.

How Do I Cancel An Order?

If you place an order and don't want to carry out the payment, don't worry. The order only gets processed once payment is received anyway. If it isn't paid for, it just becomes void. We won't be chasing you up for a payment!